Apr 05, 2010


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Cindy - this is just stunning!!!! WAY TO GO! I am terrible at these types of questions:
1. Because your size dominates - LOL!
2. Lots of "fall" and not much warm weather - LOL again!

Thanks for the fun quiz!

Wow I got a history lesson today! I never knew why the maple leaf was the chosen emblem for Canada but I know a little bit more today about it! It seems it all started back in 1497 with the European's version of the Canadian Flag... then in 1836 the maple leaf (meaning king of the forest) was adopted by the Anglo Canadians and the native born upper Canadians wore the maple leaf as an emblem of the land of their birth. Also, it seems that the only way to tell Canadian Soldiers from the NZ and Aussies was the Maple Leaf pins on their caps! There was a great debate over what emblem was to fly on the Canadian Flag .. it coincided with the seperatism in Quebec in 1963 and it was a significant and symbolic step to use the maple leaf!

I really enjoyed this history lesson and hope that I wrote it out correctly!

Thanks Cindy!

Dominion, because it was part of the British Empire. A dominion of the Empire. The Maple leaf was used in WWI to distinguish, the Canadian troops from the British troops, since they all wore identical uniforms. The wore maple leafs to show they were Canadian.
Elaine E

Hi there,

I Love Canada also! We are called the dominion of Canada because we are semi autonomous under British rule. The Maple Leaf signifies our nature and environment of Canada.



Thanks for the history review; sure goes way back in studies!

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